GM 0411 PCM – 6.0 / 4L80E With VATS Deleted – LS Swap Ready


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This is a Delphi service # 12200411 Powertrain Control Module (PCM) that is used in many drive by cable Gen 3 LS engine swaps.  They have been tested on a run stand after programming.  This PCM has been reprogrammed as follows:

  • 2000 6.0 engine with 4L80E base tune.
  • VATS disabled
  • Downstream Oxygen (O2) sensors disabled
  • EGR Disabled
  • Canister Purge disabled
  • Fans 1 (190 degrees on, 185 off) and 2 (210 degrees on, 205 off) enabled 
  • Speed limiter set to maximum

If you need a different calibration or other settings changed, contact us to discuss the details BEFORE purchasing.  We don’t do “mail-order tunes”, only stock calibrations.  We always recommend finding a local tuner if you have more than a mildly modified engine.

Note:  Not for use on emissions controlled vehicles.