About Us

WARR Performance LLC is located in Fresno, CA.

Our background is in Army and Marine Corps helicopter maintenance.  We have a combined total of over 80 years of experience in just about all aspects of helicopter repair from turning wrenches & bucking rivets to avionics, pneudraulics, technical inspection, supervision and production control.

All of us have deployed multiple times to combat theaters, including Panama, Desert Storm, Somalia, Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

We have worked on most of the aircraft types in recent service: AH-64 Apache, OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, UH-60 Blackhawk, CH-53 Sea Stallion, CH-47 Chinook, UH-1 Iroquois (Huey) and AH-1 Cobra.

This background and our passion for building cars and trucks gives a unique perspective and broad range of skills that we now apply to the automotive field.