Earl’s Remote Reservoir Adapter Kit For Saginaw Type II Power Steering Pump with -10AN Inlet


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Some engine compartments have limited space and may require a remote power steering reservoir. Most Saginaw Type II power steering pumps come from the factory with a plastic reservoir (mounted on the pump) that is tough to modify or mount remotely. These new special fitting kits allow the removal of the plastic reservoir & provide for plumbing to a remote reservoir with 5/8″ rubber hose or -10 AN plumbing. Ideal for use in engine swaps, race cars, street rods, and muscle cars that use the Saginaw Type II power steering pump.


  • Convert Power Steering Pump to utilize a Remote Reservoir
  • Fits Factory Style Saginaw Type II Style Power Steering Pumps – Including 198-101 & 198-104
  • Special Flow Valve & Bracket Holds Reservoir Fitting into Pump – For Easy Conversion
  • Choose From Kits w/ 5/8″ Hose Barb or -10 AN Male Remote Reservoir Plumbing
  • Compatible with Holley Power Steering Hardline Part #’s 198-202, 198-203, and 198-205
  • Works with Stock Factory Style Pumps & Eliminates Pump Housing Modifications Required for Thread-In Style Reservoir Fitting (Fits Most Pumps that Came from the Factory w/ Bolt-On Plastic Reservoir)
  • Works with the Power Steering Pumps included with Most Holley Accessory Drive Systems (i.e. High Mount, Mid-Mount, and Low Mount systems)
  • Ideal for Engine Swaps, Race Cars, Street Rods, and Muscle Cars that Use the Saginaw Type II Power Steering Pumps

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