6-Bolt Adapter Flange Yoke Kit – Super 8.8 to 1350 (automatic ’15-’19) – Sonnax T35-ALFY-10


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Fits Ford Mustang with 93mm bolt circle dia. pinion flange (automatic ’15–’19).

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Sonnax 6-bolt adapter flange yoke kit T35-ALFY-10 is an ideal upgrade for’15–’19 Ford Mustang driveshafts. Specifically designed to bolt up to 93mm bolt circle diameter pinion flanges, the Sonnax yoke allows elimination of the OE CV joint. When used with a stub and slip assembly, it makes it easy to also eliminate the rubber giubo or “flex” joint, converting a two-piece driveshaft into a one-piece, U-joint style driveline.

Combined with Sonnax tubing and weld yokes, this unique flange dramatically increases strength and durability while reducing future maintenance costs. This yoke is also very helpful when swapping a modern muscle car engine and transmission into an older street or hot rod, allowing the link to be made between the modern driveline and older chassis.

  • Precision-machined for excellent fit and balance
  • Helps eliminate the troublesome giubo and/or CV joint(s)
  • Ideal for chassis swaps

Sonnax flange yoke kit T35-ALFY-10 is a custom part and may fit more models than noted above. Measure flange O.D., output flange bolt holes and bolt circle diameter to determine if this yoke is appropriate for your build.

  • Flange yoke
  • Bolts (6)
  • Washers (6)

  • U-Joint Series: 1350
  • Pilot Type: M
  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Bolt Hole Dia.: 0.438″
  • Flange Face to Centerline: 3.440″
  • Weight: 1.800lbs
  • Flange Outer Dia.: 4.590″
  • Pilot Dia.: 4.328″
  • Bolt Count: 6
  • Bolt Circle Dia.: 93mm

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Weight 3 lbs