TBI Fuel Injection Swap Harnesses – Various Configurations (GM EFI)

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We build TBI harnesses on an as needed basis.  Contact us for details and we can work out the details.  Prices start at $250 and normally take 2 to 4 weeks to be ready to ship.

These harnesses are based on a used factory GM Truck Throttle Body Injection wiring harness that has been reworked.


  • All convoluted loom is new and most of the harness has been wrapped in OEM style harness tape.
  • Connections have been marked with heat & oil resistant labels.
  • The EGR, EVAP and oil pressure switch connectors have been deleted.
  • Included are the harness, ALDL connector, coil power/tach connector, coil to distributor connector, fuel pump relay and basic instructions.


  •  ECM: 7747 (’87-92), 7060 (’91-93 4L80E), or 7427 (’93-95)
  • Transmission Control: none, 700R4, 4L60E or 4L80E
  • With or without VSS or DRAC/VSSB wiring (speed sensor and buffer)
  • O2 sensor: 1 wire or 3 wire (heated)
  • 2wd or 4wd
  • “Fuel Only” version (no ignition control) available for use on engines not normally available with TBI

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.  If you need more components along with the harness (throttle body, distributor, sensors), we can supply those as well.  Contact us for pricing on additional components before buying.  We have throttle bodies and ECMs available upon request.

This ships free anywhere in the US!