Earl’s LS Water Pump to -20 AN Adapter Kit # LS0005ERL


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Earl’s leads the way with firsts for LS engines! Water pumps come with push-on barbs for clamping the standard radiator hose. Push-on hose connects just aren’t good enough for the hard core performance minded. Earl’s offers an adapter kit to convert inlet and outlet to -20 AN. One kits works with ALL LS water pumps. Included is an O-ring adapter plate which upgrades early LS water pumps to the later, less restrictive style of thermostat.


  • Adapts inlet and outlet to -20 AN
  • Upgraded earlier LS water pumps to the less restritive late model thermostats
  • Billet aluminum and stainless steel components
  • Anodized protection on aluminum components
  • Works with all LS water pumps (requires thermostat upgrade on early LS water pumps)