Harnesses & Options

We sell TBI harnesses, distributors, throttle bodies and full swap kits.

The easiest way to purchase is through our eBay store, but we can also sell locally or through PayPal.

In addition to the harness configurations available at our eBay store, we can customize harnesses or kits to meet your needs. Just send us an email or message us on Facebook.

TBI harness options

The three main harness types we offer are:

  • TBI harness without transmission control.
  • This is the base harness that does not have transmission control or VSS.  This works great for manual transmissions or automatics like the TH-350 and 400.

  • TBI harness with 700R4 control and VSS.
  • As the title suggests, this works great with a 700R4 transmission and also has a VSS connector.

  • "Fuel Only" TBI harness.
  • If you don't want to let the computer control the timing, this harness will do the trick.  If you're not using an HEI style distributor, you'll probably need to use a tach filter with it.

There are several possible options that we can add/change:

  • TPS (throttle position) connector.
  • Our harnesses normally ship with the early style weather pack style connector, but we can change it to the later style if needed.
  • VSS (vehicle speed sensor).
  • If you want to add VSS to our base harness, we can do that.
  • Heated O2 sensor wiring.
  • A heated oxygen sensor gives more flexibility in sensor location and also helps the system get into closed loop quicker.
  • Knock/ESC delete.
  • If you don't plan on running a knock sensor, we can delete the wiring for it and the ESC.
  • IAC (idle air control) connector.
  • If you're running a big block (or just want to use a big block throttle body), we can change the connector to the proper style.